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Daniel Lange -
Executive Chef

Daniel Lange, our Executive Chef, is a Naples native. He graduated from Johnson and Wales in Denver, Colorado and after graduation traveled around the U.S. working as a chef.

He has many personal experiences including being a personal chef for Alaska’s Kodiak Island Resort and working for The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado. What Daniel enjoys most about working at Beach House is having personal one-on-one relationships with the residents.

When he is not cooking, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family, going fishing and going to the beach.

Chef at Beach House Assisted Living & Memory Care Naples in Naples, Florida

Culinary Excellence

Sharing delicious meals with family and friends is a deeply meaningful part of life. That is why we place a high priority on ensuring our residents dine well and in excellent company. We know that cooking is about more than following a recipe. It’s an experience. A passion. An opportunity to bring people together. Now, we’re bringing our residents and family’s new ways to connect over a shared love of food.

We create delightful dining experiences based on our residents’ personal tastes. That means creating unique, flavorful menus with a variety of options and making nearly everything from scratch. We use fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and accommodate any special dietary requirements.

When discussing any dietary requirements, we will ask you about things such as diminished sense of taste, medication side effects, and changing appetites. You may have certain religious or cultural diet restrictions, or you may require a special diet in order to help manage conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes.

We can also provide space for private functions with your friends and family that you can reserve for birthday celebrations, a graduation party for your grandchild, or other events.

Great food. Another reason to love Beach House!

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